Can You Answer These Four Fundamental Questions of Life?

Have you not at least once in your life been fascinated by countless number of stars you saw in a clear night sky? Who created all these? Who hung them in space?

And from where are we watching them all? From the surface of a ball hurtling at immense speed through dark endless space. And what is the size of this beautiful blue and white jewel called Planet Earth?

It is what Carl Sagan famously termed as the pale blue dot, a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena, the only home we’ve ever known. Standing so insignificantly small in such a small playground in space, let me challenge you to ask these four questions:

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One, who am I? It is a question about your identity and significance. Am I just matter or is there something more? Do I really matter to others?

Two, where do I come from? It is a question about origin. If you are here by accident then it does not matter. But if you are here because God created you, then you have to ask yourself, “Do I belong to God?”

Three, where am I going to? It is a question about your destination. Is death the end of life? Or is there life beyond death? Is heaven or hell real? What if there is a final judgement? Where am I going to end up?

Four, why am I here? It is a question about purpose. Life has meaning when people are able to find and fulfil what they were created for. Something like an eagle soaring high in the skies.

Well let me conclude. Einstein’s equation like E=mc2, and then the theory of relativity and special theory of relativity have held sway in scientific minds. Mass, energy, change, time, space, speed of light have all been tackled.

But what about answering fundamental questions of life? Are there equations? Is God part of those? If he is taken out of the picture, who remains? God or mankind?

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