4 F’s That Make Life What It Is

Life is made of 4 F’s. These 4 F’s make life what it is: They are Faith, Family, Finance, and Friends.

The first F is Faith. Without faith in God it is impossible to find meaning in life. Of course, there are people who claim not to believe in God. I respect their freedom to do so. But life on earth is no accident. Therefore it has a purpose. And faith in God can help you realize that purpose.

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The second F is Family. All of us are born into a family. Of course there are many who are less fortunate and are orphaned early in life. Now the divinely ordained instiution of family has undergone many changes in the last few decades. Yet in spite of all that has changed, the family is where we learn the first lessons of being loved and cared for.

The third F is Finance. Money is not everything in life. Yet money is needed for meeting the basic necessities of life. Therefore one has to learn to earn money through honest hard work. One has to learn to be wise and prudent in spending and investing money. Greed can make you blind to the more important values in life and can make you lose compassion to others.

The fourth F is Friends. There is a wider circle than our immediate family that makes an impact in our lives. Even though it includes many, there are few who stand with us in all our needs and moments of difficulty. They are your friends. There might not be many, but only few who will have your best interest in mind. Value and cherish them.

So let me conclude. The four F’s that make life what it is are: Faith, Family, Finance, and Friends. Faith in God, love in the family, faithfulness with one’s finances, and fun with friends are what makes life what it is.

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