Your Best Yes Can Be a No

It is impossible to grow in your career without being able to say No. If you say Yes all the time, that means you are being a people-pleaser. It means that you are not focused. It again means that you don’t set priorities. It also means others don’t respect your boundaries or are not even aware of them.

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If you say Yes to everything; you are going to bleed your time, energy, resources, and money for the tasks others are responsible for. That means others easily make you work for them for nothing. A Yes man or woman does not realize that he or she is an individual worthy of respect and esteem like anyone else.

Now the question is how can you say No. You might be afraid that you will hurt people if you say No. That might be true. But we are not talking about saying No to genuine requests for help. Instead, you need to ask questions to find out the real intent of people asking for favours from you. If you discover that, you will be shocked to know that what they said to you to get things done was not sincere but only a mask to conceal the real motive of manipulating you.

Often there are people who want to get things done by dumping the task on the head of someone who is weak-willed. That is not delegation but just making use of you to get them some leisure time.

Now be courteous when you say No. Tell them you have more urgent priorities to deal with at the moment. Point out to them some other method or resource or help they can seek.

A No response comes from your realization of what you are called to do in life. The more you grow as a professional the more focused you should become. That can happen only if you learn to say No to anything that distracts from what you are converging in on life.

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