1 Minute Speech on Self and Selfies

My Professor once asked this question in class:
“Whose face do you look for first when you get see the group photo of your class in the College Magazine?”

Each one of us knew the answer as the capital letter I. And now selfies have arrived to make it bold and underlined.

First of all, the popularity of selfies is a reflection of this anxiety in human nature to see oneself in a better light.

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Secondly, selfies make people focus on themselves. The amount of time spent by people obsessed with selfies is enormous. It is easy to forget others and their needs in the pursuit of taking selfies.

Thirdly, selfies are a proclamation of our own importance; whether good or bad being a matter of difficult judgement.

Finally, selfies have become, fun, popular and fashionable. It has made photography have different dimension. It will stay.

But my simple question is, “Can there be a selfless selfie?”

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