1 Minute Speech on the Hope That a Sunset Brings

A sunset is a beautiful moment. Watching it from the beach is lovelier still.

A sunset paints the sky a glorious canvas of blazing colours. If it isn’t God, who else can paint like this each day? I don’t know one.

A sunset can bring sadness. For it means saying goodbye, looking back at opportunities missed, and regretting words and actions that could have been avoided.

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A sunset on the other hand brings a better hope-–that the darkness will give way to the dawn of a new day. It is the certain hope that there will be a better sunrise tomorrow.

A sunset is a mystery: We standing at the edge of a ball hurtling through space at immense speed watching a ball of fire seemingly go to sleep far far away. Isn’t man truly small in this big, vast, immeasurable universe?

Finally, a sunset can remind you of dreams and visions. Centuries ago, one unforgettable dream came to a man called Jacob who rested his head on a stone pillow. He saw angels ascending and descending on a ladder resting on earth and its top reaching heaven. Above it stood the LORD.

Jesus, when he came centuries later, identified himself as that ladder Jacob saw bridging heaven and earth, God and mankind.

Next time, you watch a sunset, think of the promise that God made to Jacob that night: “I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go1.” What better promise to have than God watching over you and being with you.

1Genesis 28:15 Bible

Blessed sunset and the hope it brings to our lives.

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