Develop Your Communication Skills

Most jobs require good communication skills. If you would like to succeed in your career, it is important you develop good communication skills. Here are some tips to do so.

#1. You need to have a great desire to communicate.
That means you have a desire to share with others the knowledge you have gained. It also means that you greatly wish others to benefit from your skills. When you have such a desire, it becomes easy to speak well.

#2. Have something to say.
It means that you should have a thorough knowledge of your subject. To gain such knowledge you should listen to good speakers, read books, newspapers and good magazines. As you grow up, you will be able to talk about your life experiences as well.

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#3. Organize your material.
Several speakers confuse their audience because they have not arranged their material well. But good speakers take time and effort to arrange the content of their speech into main points and sub points. This makes it not only easy for the speaker to communicate but for the audience to understand it as well.

#4. The opening should be interesting.
Whether it is a story, a quotation or question that is used to open your speech, it should be interesting to the audience. Only if they get interested in your speech at the beginning will they listen to your speech fully. Think about good novels or stories you have read. They all had good openings which got you interested; didn’t they?

#5. You should also end well.
Many speakers do not plan for a good ending. Therefore they say something like, “That’s all.” That is a very poor ending. A pilot is concerned about landing his plane safely. Likewise a speaker should plan for a good conclusion. It can be a summary of points already covered. It can be a very short story or quotation that will highlight the main thought of your speech. Or it can be an appeal to act on something you said. Some speakers make people think much when they end with a question.

#6. Use homely examples.
Look at Jesus. He told stories or parables about things which people found all around them. He spoke of the birds of the air, the lilies of the fields, shepherd and sheep, fishing, yeast and dough, treasure hidden in a field and so on. These made his speeches memorable and we think on them with delight even today. So make your speeches interesting with lively examples.

#7. Turn to the Bible often.
It is a treasure house of communication. First of all it is God’s communication to man. Secondly, if you follow an English Bible it will give you an excellent command over English. Along with it, you will learn several speaking styles like the style of Moses, the prophets, Jesus, Paul etc. This will help you speak to large audiences well.

To conclude, developing good communication skills is a must in the modern world if you would like to excel in your career. Communication skills will help you gain recognition and promotion in whatever field you are. Remember that good public speaking helps you make a giant leap to leadership. Therefore spend time and effort to develop this important skill.

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