Are You Having Dreams at Night?

Dreams at night are common. Some dreams are romantic, some terrify, and some are pleasant. Some dreams have warnings. Well, Pilate’s wife warned him when he was sitting at the Judgement Seat to pronounce his verdict on Jesus: “Don’t have anything to do with that innocent man, for I have suffered a great deal today in a dream because of him. (Matthew 27:19 Bible)”

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Dreams at night can come because you have a lot of worries and your mind is stressed. So many things that are troubling you can play out in your minds as dreams. It can include people you know or strangers. It can have places you are familiar with and it can be totally strange places and situations you see in your dreams.

Dreams can be realisitc like how it actually looks like in real life. Or dreams can be symbolic like the dreams of Pharaoh which Joseph interpreted. Pharaoh, the mighty king of Egypt, saw two dreams: He saw seven fat cows being eaten by seven lean cows which came out of the River Nile. Again, he saw seven heads of grain, good-looking, on a single stalk. After them came seven thin heads of grain, withered and scorched by the east wind which swallowed up the seven healthy heads.

Joseph told Pharaoh that the dreams were one and the same and that there will be seven years of plenty in Egypt which will be followed by seven years of famine when the abundance will be forgotten. He also added that since God has shown Pharaoh the dream in two forms, God was going to do it soon.

Dreams can create tension. Snakes, fire, accidents, bloodshed, are all things that occur in dreams and worry the mind. Some dreams choke us almost literally and we end up sweating and waking up. Some dreams of this kind drain the energy away from us and can cause fear. The source of dreams like these are demonic.

Dreams that trouble teens and youngsters can often be related to the relationship issues they are going through. Rejection, longing for love and acceptance, the thirst for adventure of the right and wrong kinds can all be the subject of dreams. Some nocturnal dreams make them feel unclean. It can create the feel of being exposed, being made part of some wrong activity, or being placed in filthy surroundings.

Dreams can be suurealistic with its illogical and impossible combinations of images which can come with almost Hollywood cinema effects and clarity. But the point to note is that when you try to interpret dreams, you need to know that there will be wheat and tares, which means, that there will be in it what is to be taken and what is to be rejected. You need God’s wisdom to do so.

Some dreams are prophetic. They show the dreamer what is going to happen. Or it can show the dreamer what has already taken place but is hidden from the eyes of others. Secrets are laid bare in dreams. And often God warns people in dreams.

But we are standing on difficult ground when it comes to dreams. Why? Because today, so many people claim, “I have had a dream from God.” This is nothing new. Some 25 centuries ago, God had warned about people like that, prophets who tell lies in God’s name. God instead asks people to listen to His Word, the Bible, for “Is not my word like fire,” declares the LORD, “and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?” Jeremiah 23:29 Bible NIV.

But then some dreams and visions that came from God are so impactful that it left the prophets like Ezekiel and Daniel exhasuted and falling facedown on the ground. And sometimes sick for a fee days. Those dreams were not personal but involved the great glory of God and the prophetic unfolding of history. They are a class apart and do not occur these days.

To conclude, there are dreams in which angels act a part. For they are God’s messengers. When such dreams come, there is no doubt, but only the certain conviction that God has spoken. Most often they come to warn, to encourage, but above all to call you to repentance and obedience to God.

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