Link Page to Read Along Motivational Sermonettes and Speeches

These links direct you to the articles on which have its corresponding Read Along videos on BPPS Sermonettes Channel on YouTube.

1 Minute Speech on the Magnetic Pull of the Cross!
God Loves You! The 1 Minute Speech You Always Wished to Hear!
When God Walks In
A Short Speech on Love
God’s Gift of Jesus to Us Is Christmas
Your 7 Minute Guide to Effective Public Speaking
Jesus Is Coming Soon!
Just Believe. A Free Verse Motivational Poem for Those Ready to Give Up!
Our Helper in Prayer
“Come, Follow Me.”
Lavender Skies: Inspirational Free Verse Poem
Even When Others Might Call You a Failure
Make Excellence the One Habit That You Pursue Incessantly
Let There Be Light
If You Begin with God
When Angels Compere: 7 Golden Tips for Compering
365 Words One Long Sentence Speech: Your Ultimate Destiny!
7 Sayings of Jesus on the Cross from a Public Speaker’s Perspective!
Motivational Speech: Arise, Shine, for Your Light Has Come!
Are You Ready to Face Your Appointed Time?
“Where Are You?” God Cares About You!
The LORD Says: “I Have Loved You with an Everlasting Love!”
Jesus Is Risen!
What Better Hope in Life Do You Have Than This?
1 Minute Speech for Children on Gratitude
“Where Are You?” God Cares About You!
JESUS—What Is in a Name?
Low Self-Esteem and 3 Things to Remember
Don’t Call Yourself a Failure When All That Happened Was You Failed!
The Message of “Whoever” in John 3:16

Speeches for School Children by Daniela B. Peter and Stefan B. Peter

Blood Jesus Cleanse



Hope Unending

Would You Be Free from the Burden of Sin

Praying Woman