If You Begin with God

If you begin with God;
Someday he will complete
What you began to do.

It doesn’t matter if the beginning seems small
Or having not significance great;
For God is at work
And his eye is watching over you.

Blood Jesus Cleanse

There will come delays:
People might oppose you;
Some friends might leave;
And others slander you.

But then those are the very things
That make you, in weakness and fear, tremble;
And make you turn to the Lord for strength.

Look to Jesus;
Who stands by your side.
And when obstacles seem too big to overcome;
Step out in faith, and there will a way for you open,
Right in the middle of what threatens to drown you.

Now, do not lose the vision;
Its end awaits an appointed time.
Till then, toil and labour on in tears and sweat;
Someday there will be a reward;
For being faithful to the task you were given to do.

Therefore let no one despise
The day of small beginnings,
For what you’ve begun with God;
He’ll surely complete.

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