Let There Be Light

Let there be light.
When God speaks light into your life,
The powers of darkness will not hold its might;
For the blood of the cross washes away
Your sins; both its guilt and shame.
Being forgiven sets you free;
Unbend from your stoop of low esteem.

Let there be light.
For in that flash of light
More blinding than the noonday sun
Is heard his voice:
It is hard for you to fight against the light.
So come; let the light befriend you;
And hope arise when it shines out in you.

Let there be light.
For reveal it shall; lay bare those petty things
That with monstrous roots grip within.
But in my love, says your God, no darkness resides;
Only plenteous mercy and healing besides.
For I am compassionate,
O my child; come, live in the light!

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