“Come, Follow Me.”

From where you stand
You can’t travel far.
For you’re still holding on
And you won’t let go.

But there lies ahead
The seas and oceans you can sail.

My friend, don’t wait too long,
You need to move.
Make God your trust;
Dare to believe,
And launch out into the deep.

When you listen
And obey his voice;
It matters not that you toiled
Hard all night
And nothing you caught.

For your empty boat
Shall soon return
A catch of fish
That all probability defies;
Only when you listen and obey.

Then comes that call,
“Come, follow me!”

It’s all good, you say;
But I am a sinful man.

Now will you let go?
And worship him, your Lord and God.

Inspired by the call of Jesus, “Come, follow me,” which he gives to his first disciples in Matthew 4, and his encounter with Peter as described in Luke 5 in the Bible.

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