Lavender Skies: Inspirational Free Verse Poem

Lavender skies;
Is neither blue nor the red I knew.
The morning broke
But my heart still heaved
For the night before had seen
Yet again me go down.

Was it the pain of rejection?
Was it sheer loneliness?
That emptied my cup
Of joy, of love;
Which never ever was full.

Oh, lavender skies!
How my heart heave and sighs
As the past grinds over me
Like a cart with grain loaded;
And those merciless wheels
That crush underneath.

Like a worm;
I feel no worth.
Yet the morning brings
That word of hope:
“Lavender skies!”
It came, just came
When I’d thought all was lost.

Oh, lavender skies!
You tell me when I forget:
God’s compassions never fail;
They are new every morning;
So me can begin again
To hope, to believe,
There’s more to life
Than the moments I have failed.

Oh, lavender skies!
You’ve brought me
That splash of white
To mix with the red and the blue;
That whisper of hope
To stand up once more
In the strength
Of the love of my God;
On that mercy note
Seen on the blood of his cross.

Note: The two words “Lavender Skies” just came to mind on Sunday morning, 5th of December 2021, as I sat a bit fatigued. It mixed with some themes that were already in mind; and I had no other choice but to allow, under divine compulsion, words to flow and pen these lines.

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