Low Self-Esteem and 3 Things to Remember

You are reading this probably because you are going through a period of low self-esteem. It can happen due to a lot of reasons. But it need not stop you from moving ahead successfully in life.

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There are many external causes for low self-esteem. Being unable to do what you are good at, lack of finances, words of criticism, emotional or physical abuse during childhood, rejection from loved ones, breaking up of relationships, ill health; can all contribute to low self-esteem.

The chances are, low self-esteem you feel is based on others’ negative opinion and false estimates about you. When someone says, “You’re an utter failure,” or “What benefit do you get when you help others?” it is bound to make you feel low and down.

But are those estimates true? Maybe that’s how someone feels about you. Their ideas of success might be totally different and influenced by the crowd they mingle with.

Whatever it be, feeling low on self-esteem is painful and can take away the enthusiasm to do anything purposeful. There are three things you should keep in mind when you go through a period of low self- esteem:

One, God values you and sees infinite worth in you so much so that he sent his one and only Son Jesus to shed his blood on the cross and die for you. Believe God’s truthful estimate about you.

Two, patiently keep doing your good work knowing that its fruit and reward will come someday without fail. Do not mistake slow-moving phases of life as failure.

Three, the pain of low self-esteem can make you a better person. It can make you more creative, more compassionate, and more humble before God. In due time, God will exalt you. Trust in his perfect timing for you.

So when low self-esteem troubles you, pour out your sorrow before God. He will listen to you, for he is compassionate. You can lean on him for strength in times of low self-esteem. The night is darkest, as it is said, just before dawn!

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