“Where Are You?” God Cares About You!

“Where are you?” God is asking you this question today. It means that he cares about you.

When God is asking, “Where are you?” it is to help you realise that life without him is miserable. He earnestly wants you to come back to him, even if you have rebelled against him.

When you do so, you’ll find God, full of compassion and mercy, waiting to lead you home. In Jesus, who on the cross bled and died for you, you’ll find what you’ve been seeking all along.

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In him, you will find unconditional love and acceptance. He is the one who understands your pain, your loneliness, your weaknesses and temptations, your search for meaning, and above all who has experienced rejection first-hand more than you do.

When he is asking, “Where are you?” he sees your heart and all the doubts you have. Just come to him. He is willing and has the authority to forgive you if your heart is burdened with sorrow over sins you’ve done.

For you are not lost, but you belong to him. His eye is watching over you and ever asking, “Where are you?” What will be your response? Will it be, “God, be merciful to me, a sinner!”

“Where are you?” is the first question that God asked Adam in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve were hiding from God after disobeying him. See Genesis 3:9 Bible.
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