Are You Ready to Face Your Appointed Time?

Do you think time is going to last for ever? Don’t you think there is a time appointed for the end? If you have never thought about it, now is the time to think.

Jesus said, “Night is coming, when no one can work.” The Bible says yet again, it is appointed or destined for people to die once, and after that to face judgement. These are truths that point to the end.

Blood Jesus Cleanse

Your end can come unexpectedly. If you are not prepared for it, you have nothing to hope for, but eternal doom. Health, wealth, influence, power, and relationships do not last forever. You cannot trust any of those to help you cross over from death to life!

Your only hope of mercy is at the foot of the cross where Jesus bled and died for your sins. In him you will find life, forgiveness, and hope. When you trust in him, you’ll have the courage and confidence to face your appointed time. It will surely come.

The world is fast moving towards its appointed end. It will be a time of trouble like the world has never known. If you are not alert and watchful; pleasures of this world, worries of life, and pursuit after riches, will dull your senses to the reality of coming judgement.

At this time, God’s warning signs are seen everywhere. At the same time, God is showing great patience and extending mercy to all; for “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” For the end is near and approaching us with speed and finality. Are you ready for your appointed time?

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