A School Leader’s Speech on Missing the Mark

Hi Friends,

Today I thought to challenge you with the Greek word “hamartia.” It means missing the mark.

Imagine someone trying to throw a dart into a bull’s eye. It falls short and misses target. That is an example of missing the mark. Or else think of a basket ball player shooting the ball into the basket. Instead of falling through the net, it hits the board and rebounds. That is yet another example of missing the mark.

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In life, we can miss the mark if we have everthing—fame, success, money, power, wealth, followers and many things more; but fail to have love in our hearts.

In studies, we can miss the mark if we waste opportunties to study by getting distacted by social media or by getting addicted to bad habits.

In family, we can miss the mark if we do not value our loved ones and spend time with them when there are chances to do so.

In friendships, we can miss the mark if we fail to be a friend in need and do not give an empathetic listening to one who is sharing his or her pain with us.

In perspective of eternity, we can miss the mark if we don’t prepare for it by making wise decsions and honouring God in our hearts on earth.

Yes friends, missing the mark is something each one of us should fear. Instead we should have sharp focus, avoid distractions and unhealthy habits and strive with all our heart and mind and soul and strength not to miss the mark.

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