Your 2 Minute Guide to Choosing a Course of Study

So many get confused about which branch or course of study they should choose at major turning points in their academic life. There are no pat or easy answers I can give. But I would love to share certain general guidelines.

One, ask God for wisdom to choose. He is the One who knows the end from the beginning. He is the One who has promised, I will guide you with my eye: “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.”1

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And wisdom is which God has promised to give to those who ask for it.2 He loves to guide his children much more than PAPI lights can guide a pilot for safe landing of an aeroplane.

Two, ask yourself what your passion is. If you are passionate about biology, opting for subjects of study related to it is a natural choice, isn’t it?

Three, ask what are the current career trends? Nothing is without change. When you look at career trends you should also try to foresee what changes might come in ten or fifteen years’ time. For example, artificial intelligence, robotics, big data, and careers related to them might dominate the world of technology for many years to come.

Four, talk to experts whom you have access to. They can be your parents, teachers, friends, relatives, subject specialists and so on. Gather as much information you can. Google it. Try to analyse. Most likely that will help you come to an informed decision.

Five, follow your heart. Occasionally, your heart is right rather than what the mind dictates. You might have a passion for English as I had, and I took a decision to not to try to please everybody but go ahead to study English Literature.

Let me conclude by saying that if by any chance you seem to have taken a wrong decision already, do not panic. Do not give up everything as lost. Don’t curse fate. In a land where more than 80% of youngsters never get a chance to study in a college, you are privileged to be one among those who got a chance to study.

Therefore, study well, work hard, and excel, in the subject you find yourself in. Someday you will be able to guide someone or empower someone to find his or her dream. Isn’t that motivating enough?

1Psalm 32:8 Bible ESV
2 James 1:5

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