2 Minute Speech for School Children on the Pursuit of Happiness

Some people are happy they way they are; and many people are unhappy for the way they are.

Happiness therefore is an attitude. It lies in the acceptance of things that cannot be changed. At the same time, happiness comes from attempting to do things better, and trying to be a better person as well.

Sad to say, many look for happiness outside themselves. They look for riches, fame, power, and even entertainment to bring them happiness. Riches can be lost, fame can burst like a soap bubble, power can be taken away, and entertainment that excited you yesterday might not be enough for today’s happiness. But  one thing is sure: men and women are constantly in the pursuit of happiness.

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The whole world of advertisements, it seems, revolve around the concept of happiness. People are told that they will be happy if they have a new car, a dream home, travel to an exotic destination and so on. Anything is offered on credit. Surprisingly, the more attractive the advertisement sounds, the more people are ready to buy and invest.

Now if you want to be happy, there are a few things you can do. Be thankful. Have good friendships. Maintain contact with people you value and love. Have a passion in life. Study well. Do your work with skill, enthusiasm, and integrity. Give to others your time, talent, and treasure. Try to help others achieve their dreams. These are meaningful ways to find happiness.

At the same time many fall for the trap of happiness for the moment. For example, it can be entertaining wrong relationships. It can be substance abuse. It can be gambling. But somehow people in spite of warnings and red signals fail to read the price tag. It can spells the D’s–Despair, Disillusionment, Deception, Destruction, and finally Death. So happiness for the moment is not worth the game. You need to look for happiness that lasts.

Again, think about all those things that you don’t need. People love to accumulate things and try to find happiness in possessions. But when it is time to die, nothing matters except the love you had for others. Similarly technology these days is bringing more and more gadgets that makes you slaves to them. Think about it. Do gadgets make your really happy?

Finally, there has been many songs in the past titled, “Don’t worry, be happy.” Is it that simple? The truth possibly is people worry about not being happy. It is like a dog who went round and round trying to catch happiness which it believed was in its tail. While another dog seeing the other’s struggle simply said, “My happiness is also in my tail. But it follows me wherever I go!”

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