A Short Speech on the Secret of Finding True Riches

“I will give you the treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places,” is one of God’s great promises.

What could it mean to you? It can mean a lot of things if you earnestly look for it:

Wisdom is wealth that is discovered by those who seek for it earnestly. God gives it to those who ask for it without finding fault.

Love is a treasure that waits to be found. The secret to finding it is having a heart to give and not the craving to get.

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Talent is riches. Often it is hidden. And you need to discipline yourself to bring to light the best in you.

Friendships will not blossom if it is left to chance. The riches are for those who desire the highest good for one’s friend.

Life itself is an unfolding of one’s pathway and journey; isn’t it? The future lies unknown. Plans are many. But it is only when you trust God today that tomorrow can be faced with courage and hope.

Finally, treasures and riches mean what it means. We all love to store up money. Nothing wrong with it when it is made through genuine hard work.

Yet Jesus asked us to store up our riches in heaven where moth doesn’t eat and rust doesn’t corrupt. It points out the uncertainty of riches in this world. And the permanence of what is sacrifially given away out of compassion and love for others.

Let me conclude. When God is promising you such great treasures of darkness and riches stored in secret places, will you settle for less?

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