Break the Chain of These Four Thought Habits

You cannot have a garbage truck spilling over with waste material running in your mind and at the same time be able to achieve greatness in life.

Without doubt, thoughts affect your life in a big way.

First of all, say no to negative thoughts. It includes worry, jealously, inferiority and thoughts of giving up on life.

They come as guests uninvited but plan to stay if you give permission.

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Secondly, say no to impure thoughts. Most of them make a way into our minds from outside like flaming arrows shot to fall inside heavily-guarded forts. In real life situations, the guards will do the fire fighting. But in our minds we are too lazy to fight.

One way to fight impure thoughts is to keep yourself busy thinking on pure and lovely thoughts, thoughts of success and excellence. This will keep your mind occupied that it won’t have space for impure thoughts that try to enter your mind.

Having good friends and deliberately turning your eyes away from looking at all that is evil can help.

Thirdly, say no to thoughts of hatred. Life brings us lots of hurts. It can come from parents, brothers or sisters, close relatives or friends, neighbours, teachers, friends or strangers. Having been at the receiving end when you were innocent, young, and having not the courage or wisdom to resist brings life-long trauma.

The result is that you harbour unforgiveness in your heart. You hate others. Unless God heals this brokenness, there is no deliverance. So seek God’s help.

Finally, say no to gossip. Don’t tear down a person’s life by listening to jokes about him or her. Gossip gives us great thrill because we are enjoying at another person’s expense. Gossip separates close friends, betrays confidence, and creates unnecessary quarrels. Listening to gossip doesn’t become any less poisonous just because it is flavoured with strawberry or butterscotch and sugar.

Taking a decision not to listen to gossip and saying that you are not interested when someone else starts speaking about another in a wrong light is the solution.

Let me conclude. The more you allow negative thoughts, impure thoughts, thoughts of hatred and entertain gossip; you become more and more of a garbage dump. And you know what: People have a tendency to throw more garbage when they see it piled up somewhere. Don’t you think that it is so?

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