Motivational Speech: Do Not Limit Your Vision

1. Do not limit your vision because of a marred past.

The best of us are cracked mirrors reflecting the image and likeness of God. He alone is the healer of the past. Someday He will put all the broken pieces. Our role is to cooperate in this effort.

Instead of seeing yourselves as failures; try to see yourselves as valued in the eyes of God. You are someone who can shine a ray of hope in some dark corner. For the darkness that clouded your vision is being lifed from your life.

The past died. And has been wiped out. It can no longer act today. Arise in the newness of this realization and fulfill the vision.

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2. Do not limit vision by myopic vision.

Most people have a short-sighted vision. They make their life a mockery. To gain riches or fame or power are their life’s goals. Some just want to eat, drink and be merry. All these are like the grass that grows up today and withers tomorrow. Throw such silly things into the fire. Let it burn to ashes.

Instead enlarge your vision. Climb high. Look down from there. Have a bird’s eye view. See your entire life in one stretch. Or imagine all your life being played on the screen fast forward.

What would you like to have achieved at the end of it? What difference did your life make? When you look back at your life from the end of it; does not most things that you count most dear today seem like tattered rags instead of trophies?

So dear friends, awake to a bigger vision. A vision that looks impossible. And dare to live it.

3. Do not limit your vision by your circumstances.

To the one who complains; no circumstance is ever right. The winds are needed for the boat to sail. And its fury required to make a man a sailor in the truest sense. For a man who has seen no storms will never have a tale to pass on. He will never teach a vital lesson to those who get ready to sail.

Difficult circumstances are God’s chariots to lift you up high. They are the playgrounds where God teaches you to fly; to defy gravity and soar in spite of it.

Those who do so have a vision of seeing themselves kiss the stretch of blue and catch the orange gleam of golden sunrise on their wings. To the onlooker from down below it looks as if their wings are on fire.

But it is their hearts that are on fire; fully ablaze at their triumph over their negative circumstances. Powered forward by walking on dry ground through the midst of the raging seas.

4. Do not limit your vision by what others tell.

Almost always all others tell you is why you shouldn’t do it. Believe me; they are telling you their fears. They are afraid that their unspoken dreams will be fulfilled by you. They cannot bear that thought. So they advice you why you can’t live your dream.

But let me ask you; is this your life? Have you only one life on earth? If so, decide; who will be at its steering wheel? When your hand is held by the Almighty; fear none else. Be sure that His plans and purposes will never fail. For “There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the Lord” (Proverbs 21:30).

And His vision is always to make broken vessels a channel to pour out His comfort and strength to the downcast, the oppressed and the needy. Dear friends, if you have a vision to touch the lives of people with hope; then go ahead and bring that vision to fruition.

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