Practise the Fine Art of Saying Thank You Daily!

Thank you comes at the end of speeches. But it is good if it comes first in your heart.

Life is busy for everyone. We are too busy that we don’t slowdown to tell thank you.

A thank you spoken kindly might be the only appreciation that someone might receive that day.

It can remind him or her that he or she is valued as a human being. It will enable that person to have self-respect and a sense of dignity in life.

Only a person with gratitude to God and men for the simple joys and kindnesses of life is able to say thank you.

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Then it is not just about the lips. It is more about sincerity. The tone of voice usually reveals the attitude with which a thank you was said.

Saying thank you is an opportunity to do good; to put a smile on someone’s face, and convey the depth of your emotions.

Life is brief. Don’t wait too long to say thank you.

Even now it is not too late. Is there someone to whom you can say thank you? Pick up your phone and make a call. Or if that doesn’t work for you, write a thank you note on a card or send a mail.

Let not someone lose hope in life simply because you forgot to say thank you.

There is the brightness of a sunbeam, the promise of a rainbow, the sweet fragrance of a flower in bloom and a heart’s gracious blessing in a thank you.

Even God delights to hear a little child say thank you for the gift of a toy he or she loves. Fascinating; isn’t it?

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