My Life Is Like Speech for Kids

Hi friends,

Let me tell you in simple words what my life is like.

My life is like a bud waiting to bloom. So when I wake up to the sun’s rays hitting my face each morning, my heart is full of joy and thanks to God for the gift of a new day ahead.

My life is like a boat on the river. There is a journey ahead each day. And I look forward eagerly to it. I don’t like to sit still. I want to move on and make progress. Each day is one step I can take towards my goal.

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My life is like sunshine on a rainy day. When parents say, “Don’t go out and play in the rain,” I still can have a run in the rain as it is a sunshine day. I don’t mean to disobey but it is in me to play when it looks like I can’t play.

My life is like a cricket match. Each ball can take my wicket or I can hit it for a six. All depends on how I play the game. I don’t bother much if the last ball went near my wicket or hit me on my pads; the next ball is still a chance to make a shot that will win the match.

My life is like a song. There are some moments when my pitch is not right and my voice doesn’t blend. Yet no matter what others think, I still will try my luck for the notes I fail to sing shall make my Creator sad; and no one else can sing the song of praise he has put in my mouth to sing.

Of course my friends, there are more ways to think about what my life is like. But I will end saying that God loves me and he is my light; and life is bright when his life and love is my light.

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