Praising God for Your Failures Is the Surest Road to Victory

Praising God does not come naturally to us. We are reluctant to give God, praise. And when it comes to our failures which certainly includes mistakes made; there is no chance or even a remote thought of praising God. Even if we try, it is going to be painful. But praise has got power. It has the power to change us and transform us. Let us look at how it does so.

Praising God simply takes the burden of failures off our back. When we praise God we are saying that our analysis of our failures is not going to help us beyond a certain point. When we praise God, we are saying that we are already in the pit of self-pity by brooding over our failures and we want to get out of it. Praise puts us on the gear forward to victory.

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Praising God is one of the best ways you can tell God that “I give total control of all circumstances that I find myself in to your hands.” You can now confidently expect God to carry your burdens. When you praise God, you can look forward to God making your failures work for a good purpose in your life. You may not understand how; but even the storms obey his will.

Praising God defeats all spiritual forces of darkness. One thing you can be sure of: You cannot fight spiritual forces of darkness with weapons of your making. Logic, intellect, or academic brilliance will not help in any way. But praise turns the battle around. In the midst of your greatest failure; start praising God for who he is—God Almighty; full of goodness, compassion and mercy. It is then the battle turns around to give you victory over all that has been troubling you.

Praising God can open doors that were closed. It can bring down barriers and make a road for you even in the wilderness. It does not matter how long you’ve stayed defeated; what matters is whether you can start to praise God with unending enthusiasm. As I said at the beginning, praise does not come naturally to us. But music helps. If you can sing a song of praise; then the language of praise will start to overflow from your hearts and lips.

Praising God is the best way to overcome the spirit of despair that often pulls you down. Jesus came to set captives free. And he does so by giving you the garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. So just put on praise. It simply is a joyful lifting up of God’s holy name. Then failures will yield you greater returns because praise changes doom and gloom into joyous shouts of victory.

Finally, praising God shifts your focus from your failures to God himself. It is such a liberating truth. Suddenly you’re free of the burden of shame of your failures. So go ahead and praise God for all your failures and he will fight for you for the battle is the Lord’s and victory rests with him.

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