A Speech on the Benefits of Travel

Red Lighted Candles Christmas GiftTravelling is a passion for many. It is a hobby for others. Millions follow travel vloggers and enjoy the experience they present. Some like to travel alone. Others like to go with friends and family. The benefits of travel are many. In this short speech let me highlight a few of them.

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First benefit of all is that travelling is a way to relax one’s mind. It brings a refreshing change from one’s daily routines at home or office. The anticipation of going places is huge with children. And the sense of togetherness is great when traveling with loved ones.

Secondly, travelling gives you a chance to experience new cultures, food, languages, manners and customs. In that sense it expands your mind to think beyond the limited perspectives you have in life. This is a great benefit as it helps you to go beyond mere textbook knowledge of people and places.

Thirdly, travelling teaches you to be resourceful. When traveling, one of the principles to follow is to travel light. You learn to adapt and adjust to new situations and environments. You learn to manage with limited resources available. The benefits include learning to plan and coordinate; learning to manage with a limited budget and learn to cope with surprises that can come your way.

Finally, travel reminds us to have the attitude of a pilgrim. It reminds us that all of us are on the journey of life and one day we have to depart and travel alone to face or meet God and carry nothing with us.

To conclude, perhaps one of things you never forget is the experience you have with people you would have never met otherwise. I think that it is one of the richest experiences anyone can have in life. So get ready for your next travel. Exciting moments ahead.

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