Speech for Students on Corruption

Corruption is nothing new. It has been there as long as history goes back in time. Today, let me sketch in very quick terms what corruption is and what probably leads to corruption.

Corruption is making money illegaly and secretly using power one has. It affects people and societies negatively. It can create lack of trust in people and institutions especially democratic ones. Some forms of corruption can impact our environment too. It also topples justice and creates more inequality in society.

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Now what causes corruption. Let me just look at the motives that make people become corrupt. Dissatisfaction with one’s economic condition, greed for money, envy of one’s neigbour, the hope of getting rich quickly, being overly influenced by the glamorous lifestyles of people especially seen through social media can all be motives making people corrupt.

Sadly, what is happening is that we find children take pledges at school assemblies against corruption. But they are not taught how to avoid the temptation to become rich by unlawful means or the various ways in which people become corrupt. If such awareness can be provided they will know beforehand and be forewarned about the dangers of corruption.

Before I conclude, we need role models to look up to and learn from. We need to be inspired by those few who raise their voices against corruption. And the least each one of us can do is to keep ourselves from becoming corrupt. The world will certainly witness new forms of corruption, but let us be firm in our stand against it.

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