The Science, Maths, Vocabulary, and Art of Love in Marriage!

Let us begin the discussion of the science, maths, vocabulary, and art of love in marriage from departures. The tug at the heart at parting when your beloved boards the plane or when the train starts to move is love.

The moment he or she is out of sight and you get back to routines is love becoming realistic.

Till the next coming you keep in touch via phone or mail or chat is love kept aflame.

In between, petty quarrels and bouts of silence is the absence of love.

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When needs demand cashing in on reserves and ornaments are pledged for loans it is the in-debt-ed-ness of love.

Comparing your husband’s money power to another or comparing your wife’s looks or beauty to another is the disaster of love.

Remembering birthdays and anniversaries and giving gifts like cards, chocolates, roses, diamond or gold or pearl ornaments etc., is the spice of love.

Praying for one’s beloved wife or husband and being thankful for the gift of your wife or husband is the deposit and investment of love.

Being faithful to one’s husband or wife and staying true to him or her all your life is the honouring of the pledge of love.

Conversing on good old times of meeting together and recalling shared memories is the nostalgia of love.

Holding hands standing shoulder to shoulder while the orange flaming sunset glow kisses the horizon is the romance of love.

Having a day out together and an eating out undisturbed by the chores at home is the great escape of and adjustment in love.

When wife and husband is confined to work from home and children are on classes online; everybody is together all the time is the boxing ? match of love.

Making one’s loved one cry through harsh words or thoughtless acts is the blunder of love.

Quoting old forgotten episodes of mistakes and failures and promises not kept and finding fault with in-laws is the bug and virus and faulty DNA of love.

Taking the initiative to say “I am sorry,” and the willingness to listen and forgive is the matchless beauty of love.

In distress, in sickness, in misunderstanding, in times of lack of affection and care, when you hold on and hope for God’s mercy to strengthen; it is the endurance of love.

Love is not automatic, it is honest hard work, day in and day out. Never take your husband or wife for granted; for when you feel that final absence it is too late to love.

This, in a nutshell, is the the science, maths, vocabulary, and art of love in marriage.

“Marriage should be honoured by all, and the marriage bed kept pure”

— Hebrews 13:4 Bible

Love never fails!

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