What Does the Excuse “I Don’t Have Enough Vocabulary” Mean?

What Does the Excuse “I don’t have enough vocabulary” mean?

First of all, it is another way of saying, “I have a problem with my confidence.”

Secondly, it reveals the thinking that “I need big words to communicate.”

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Confidence depends on a lot of factors. I have written about loss of confidence elsewhere.

But for now, let me mention that even if you communicate with gestures, your face, and your eyes; you probably might be able to communicate many things. And the fact might be that without realizing it; you often use non-verbal communication quite successfully each day; don’t you?

In that sense, let me ask you, “Are words needed for communication at all?” The point is that a limited vocabulary is not a limiting factor if you can use the few words you know, creatively.

But do you really need big words to communicate? I don’t think so. Communicate using simple words.

“The sprout of a lone blade of green grass lifting up its head through the brown mud should fill us with hope,” is a simple sentence that can be easily understood. But what makes it colourful is the images that sentence brings to our mind. We almost see what is spoken; don’t we?

So, the argument, “I have only limited vocabulary,” is simply an excuse you have found to hide and escape from any speaking opportunity that presents itself before you. Instead try saying, “I love to communicate using very few words. And I do so by my creative choice of words.”

There you are! Ready to speak and make an impact with the limited vocabulary you have. What you have now is more than enough to paint a whole world of colours in the mind’s eye of your audience.

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