Chocolates Are Not Lollipops!

Chocolates are not lollipops. Of course they are not; but both can be enjoyed in a traffic jam in the skies. If you are wondering what they mean; it is all about creativity and imagination.

Chocolates are not lollipops can be the way you look at things. Chocolates can tempt but lollipops can entice; but they mean the same. You end up eating sugar and paying for it.

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Chocolates are not lollipops might be about how memorable you can be with words. As we get lost in a flood of chats, some pictures can stay in mind if you can but paint it in flashy strokes.

Chocolates are not lollipops is a reminder that life is sweet the way you see it. If life gets hell-busy then you forget to take time to slow down and relish the warmth of joy of spending quality time with family and friends.

Chocolates are not lollipops bring to our minds the nostalgia of childhood where life looked promising, fresh, colourful, and evergreen. Some of those dreams might be yet inside wrappers; but chocolates and lollipops don’t come without them.

Chocolates are not lollipops in spite of the fact that they hide sweetness within: Chocolates are gifted and it is always elite; while lollipops remain the delight of children who roam in cartoons, comics and legends.

Chocolates are not lollipops tell us that if love is an emotion, then life becomes a rollercoaster ride. But when love is a commitment to believe the best and attempts not to keep a record of wrongs; both forgiveness and forgetting become possible even at the fall of autumn leaves!

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