3 Secrets on How to Make Yourself Look More Beautiful!

To be beautiful and lovely, to be handsome and attractive, to be admired and appreciated; these are the longing of every human heart.

Some spend a fortune on cosmetics and apparels, on handbags and shoes, jewellery and ornaments to achieve these goals.
But there are better methods to make yourself an attractive person.

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The first and most important of all is cultivating a thankful heart.

It is when we are dissatisfied that we become jealous of others. And when we become jealous all our joy turns into bitter poison that corrupts the heart and darkens our facial features as well.

Therefore stop comparing yourself with others and feeling inferior. Instead be thankful to God for all that you are and all that you have.

The next important step to be an attractive person is to cultivate the habit of smiling often.

Nothing compares with the beauty of a baby smiling. And we all had smiled as children. Now when did we lose that? We lost it by worrying often. Stop worrying. It accomplishes nothing. Worry increases the wrinkles and frowns on your face.

So don’t lose your attractiveness through constant worry. Try smiling more often.

Possibly the next step you expect me to say is that you should drink a lot of water and sleep well.

That is needed, but more than that why not try to be an encourager.

Make a deliberate effort to speak an encouraging word to someone today. Appreciate others a lot. Try to do a kind deed even as simple as smiling at the person who filled petrol in your car today. Or, saying “Thank you” to the one who took orders at your table in the restaurant.

Remember one good word that lights up hope from you can be the pull that brings back a person to life from the pit of destruction he or she was about to fall into.

Let me conclude.

A thankful heart,
a smile on your face,
and an encouraging word for others
are three secrets of a lovely, attractive, beautiful, and a handsome, winsome personality. And look stunningly beautiful too.

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