Arise and Rebuild Your Life Once Again

It is not easy to build again from ruins. For you need to fight against discouragement to attempt rebuilding.

But then think about the cost of not attempting to rebuild your life. Think about all the influences that will make inroads into your life and make your life miserable.

Therefore, now is the time to arise and rebuild your life.

Blood Jesus Cleanse

First of all, look to God for help. Human help has limitations. Even with good intentions there are moments when no one can step in to help you. So plug in to the source of your power and strength–God Almighty.

Secondly, you should have a vision about what your life should look like when you finish rebuilding. The most important being the wall or fence that you build around you and your family. See, family is your base camp. Through prayer and trust in God you can build firewalls all around with even angels standing guard.

Thirdly, rally around you people who will encourage you. When you start to rebuild, there will come so many people who will shout at you at every turn that your work cannot be completed. They will point out the huge amount of rubble that needs to be cleared. Do not listen to them. Instead turn your ears to a trusted few who will help you find strength in God.

Finally, do not compromise on watchfulness. When you take a lazy approach to your relationship with God, with your family, towards your work and relationships, you once again are trying to build upon sinking sand. When rains come down, streams rise, and winds blow against; it won’t hold together.

Above all, think once again. What made the walls of your life break down in the first place? It is simple: You did not seek God’s counsel and wisdom in the decisions of your life. Do not make that mistake again.

Jesus Is Risen!

A Short Speech on Falling, Failing, and Rising Up!

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Short Speeches of Introduction, Welcome, Felicitation, Vote of Thanks!

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Inspired by:

“Let us start rebuilding”

Nehemiah 2:18 Bible

Hope Unending

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