Our Daily Bread

“Give us each day our daily bread,” is a simple prayer Jesus taught us to pray.

First of all it is a child-like prayer to God our Father in heaven. A child simply expects his or her father to provide. It is an expression of trust in the love relationship between a child and father.

Secondly, it is a community prayer. It is not give me and my family our daily bread. Instead, it is a prayer for others included. We are taught to shun selfishness and embrace others’ needs too in our prayers and action.
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Thirdly, it teaches us not to take anything for granted. We may have money and purchasing power. But food and our ability to enjoy its taste is God’s gift.

Fourthly, it teaches us to be thankful. There are many who thank God before they eat. It shows us that we should not forget the Giver of good gifts when we receive them.

Fifthly, daily is a key word. Life is, and should be lived one day at a time. The present moment is of great importance. We should not be paralyzed by our yesterdays nor should we be worried and anxious about our tomorrows.

Sixthly, bread is a result of man’s labour, toil, and sweat. It is a reminder to work hard with sincerity and earn one’s bread. Idleness is not part of God’s economy. When you work with professional excellence, you are being part of the answer to your prayers.

Finally, daily bread can also remind us about feeding on God’s Word each day morning; which nourishes and strengthens our spirit. It can satisfy us more than our daily food.

“Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you.” — John 6:27 Bible

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