Speech for School Children on 3 Changes I Want to Make in My Village

Respected teachers and my dear friends,

A warm good morning to one and all.

It was the Greek Philosopher Heraclitus who said, “The only thing that is constant is change.” As he noted, the world has become a better place today because of several positive changes that came to our society.

Two things are to be remembered about change:
One is that change is happening very fast. It is a kind of “future shock”; which is the premature arrival of the future as Alwin Toffler wrote about.

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Two, if you do not change you will soon be pushed out from the mainstream of society.
Keeping these two thoughts in mind, let me now share with you my dream of 3 changes I want to make in my village.

The first change I want to bring to my village is regarding formation of reading habit.
Everywhere I find young and old simply wasting their time in the evenings doing nothing but idling away their time in talking about silly things. If this time can be utilized in reading it will not only increase their knowledge but help them utilize their spare time wisely.

So the first change I wish to make in my village is to establish a small library and reading room to bring better knowledge. In this library I also wish to have at least one or two computers with internet connection so that people can also learn to keep connected with the world using latest technology.

The second change I want to bring to my village is regarding the formation of the habit of saving for a better future.
Why? This is because most of the bread earners in our village are men who go for work on a daily basis. They do not have a permanent income. But sadly many of these people spend their money to drink or gamble. Thus they create broken homes and dissatisfied children.

So, I wish to start an awareness campaign which will take the message of encouraging people to start savings bank account either in the nearest bank or post office. So the second change I wish to make in the village is regarding economic well-being.

Now let me come to the third change. It is regarding cleanliness.
It is said that cleanliness is next to godliness. One sad thing I find in the village is that the beauty of our village is slowly being destroyed by littering of waste in public places. This is a new trend but can seriously affect the health of people living here.

So the third change I want to make in my village is to create a proper waste disposal system. It will encourage people to dispose all degradable waste in their own compounds and have them store plastic waste in bins. Later this can be collected centrally and properly disposed off with the help of panchayath/village authorities.

Let me now summarize the 3 changes I want to bring in my village: First of all, change regarding knowledge and technology, secondly, change related to economic well-being and thirdly and more importantly change related to healthy living.

I do hope that these 3 changes would make the people in our village better educated, financially secure, and vibrantly healthy. Thank you.

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