Mesmerizing Google Search!

The Google search engine holds millions in its magical and mesmerizing web. Its power is so huge that a first page result is a dream come true.

Imagine walking into a library geographically the size of India or China or Russia or The United States of America? How ever are you going to walk through and find the book you want! It is almost impossible. But Google search engine makes it quick and easy in the virtual world.

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Now imagine a virtual library spread across the world. How ever are you going to find a needed piece of information from who knows where it is actually located and stored in? But one of the most popular ways people reach there is through the Google search engine.

The way Google search engine gives you relevant results is fascinating and frightening at the same time. Think about algorithms that match your search strings to information or content that is available in time much less than a second. Yes Google search engine fascinates us with its speed almost like the speed of lightning.

Again Google search engine sometimes frighten us with the accuracy with which it suggests what we are actually looking for? “Does Google read minds?” you might wonder. How much optimization might be going on behind the screens to track your digital footprints to give suggestions like that! Amazing, isn’t it?

Let me conclude by saying that typing out a few words on Google or speaking it out on Google Assistant has become second nature to many. Searches are going to continue and Google is happily going to dig deep to bring you answers you are looking for in quick time.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO are a set of good and proven practices followed to edge your way to the topmost results on Search Engine Results Page (SERP). But many who try to make it to the first page focus on techniques while what they should be ideally focusing is on writing good quality content. There is no subsitute for this.

Let me end this talk on Mesmerizing Google Search with that very popluar saying, “The Best Place to Hide a Dead Body is Page Two of Google.” Though I cannot say for sure who said this first there is no better way to say how popular Google Search is!

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