YouTube Makes the World Go Round

It is amazing how Pandemic Covid-19 and lockdowns following it has made YouTube a place of sleeplessness. Most people have started publishing videos on YouTube and are doing live streaming. Most of the learning happens on YouTube now. People have started to search YouTube for answers. DIY tutorials are flooding YouTube. Yes, Youtube Makes the World Go Round!

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So what does all this mean?

YouTube Makes the World Go Round means that YouTube has changed the way people seek knowledge. Parents and teachers do not hold the traditional reverence they had. Children at a very young age have started to look to YouTube for answers. And professionals at the other extreme are relying on YouTube and online classes to learn from the experts.

YouTube Makes the World Go Round means that YouTube has changed the way people are entertained. Everywhere you look; be it bus stands, travelling in trains or simply waiting outside the doctors for an appointment, people just use their time to view something on YouTube. Yes, YouTube has the world hooked. Be it travel or culinary art or musical instruments or craft work or painting; it is all happening on YouTube.

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YouTube Makes the World Go Round means that YouTube has democratised publishing video content. A reasonably good smartphone  and a little bit of creativity is enough to make someone publish good quality content and have people subscribe to their channel. It has made people to become visible almost overnight. Powered by the artificially intelligent search algorithms that bring what you need to your fingertips; it can make unknowns, celebrities in quick time.

YouTube Makes the World Go Round means that it has become a buzz word in the world of advertisement. The immense revenue generated through advertisements is huge. Along with it, people are finding publishing on YouTube a money-generating opportunity. Many are those who make a living out of it while many others jump into the bandwagon hopeful of hitting the jackpot.

Finally, let me conclude saying that YouTube has created a world of its own. The huge amount of talent and creativity and ideas and practical tips that is being discovered each day is immense. No man or woman will live long enough to consume even an infinitesimal fraction of all that is on YouTube. It is a reminder that life is short and life on YouTube should not make you miss all that should be truly valued and cherished in life, love, friendship and more importantly in your relationship with God himself.

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