Speech on Pollution of the Mind

Air, water, soil, and noise pollution are commonly talked about. The advancement in technology and the giant leaps made in development has caused harm to our environment and to ourselves. But today I would like to speak about the pollution of our minds which nobody talks about much. This pollution is immersive and no one can easily escape the web it weaves.

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Pollution of our minds is a reality. There are several ways in which it can happen. Pollution of the mind happens when the gateways of the mind like the eyes and ears are open to pollutants.

We live in a highly visually stimulated world. Technology has brought lot of distractions too right in front of our eyes along with all the educational, informational and entertainment possibilities it offers. The question is, “Are children taught to filter all that they see?” Does our educational system teach them how to discern whether what they consume on the internet is polluting material or not?

As there are non-biodegradable waste, so also there are pollutants of the mind that are non-erasable. Some kinds of conversations we listen to which fall into the category of slander and gossip remain in the minds with permanence. So also certain kinds of literature we read, movies or videos we watch, or sensational news we consume that glorify evil; all put their roots deep down in our minds.

So here are three simple steps to avoid pollution of the mind:

One, avoid and run away from places, situations, and entertainment, which you know can poison your mind.

Two, do not engage in conversations that make fun of others, mock, and demean people.

Three, involve in creative activities and cultivate good friendships in life.

To conclude, let me remind you that in this age of Space travel and tourism, we have created a huge quantity of debris in Space already, thus polluting what was majestic, glorious, and reflecting God’s incomparable wisdom and power. We’ve polluted everything possible, filling it with junk. Therefore, let me plead with you not to let your minds become a garbage graveyard from where nauseating smell emanates and the smoke of burning never stops. 

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