Christmas Is for Failures Like You and Me

Many miss Christmas because they think it is a festive season. When in fact it is God’s treasure hunt for failures like you and me.

He could have stayed in heaven and watched us toil and struggle hard to make both ends meet. But he chose to come and be part of us to sweat and labour.

Blood Jesus Cleanse

He who flung 100 thousand million stars in the Milky Way1 could have spread a mattress of soft silky wool; but chose a cattle shed and a manger for his birth on earth. There was no room for him elsewhere.

The birth of Jesus is not a historic moment in Bethlehem alone; but because he lives, time and again it happens in dirtied and broken hearts of those who feel it unworthy to invite him in.

Jesus does not ask how you messed it up all in life. He knows that already. But what he is asking now is whether you are willing to come to him?

See, blood flowed from his broken body on the cross. It has the power to cancel all your sins and give you a clean new start in life.

Your failures don’t matter if you only come to him. For he made it clear that he came for sinners like you and me. He came searching for failures in life like you and me.

Yes, there is hope for you because of Christmas; and because Jesus came. He understands you better than you know yourself. This is the meaning of Christmas—that in Jesus you have a Friend for ever!

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1Stars Count,. European Space Agency (ESA).

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