In Search for the Truth

Right from a child’s wonder as to who made the stars to a philosopher’s explanation of the meaning of life there is in every human heart an yearning to search for the truth.

On the other hand; a world of entertainment, wonders of the world of technology, and the worries of daily living drown and suppress people’s active pursuit of the search for the truth.

If truth can be found through exercise of the intellect and pursuit of knowledge, an illiterate person living in the forest and has not been exposed to the ideas of the world has no chance ever to know the truth. Therefore truth cannot be the exclusive claim of intellectuals alone.

Blood Jesus Cleanse

If truth can be found through men and women’s search for the meaning of life, it might not be a complete understanding because his or her circumstances will certainly colour his or her painting of life.

The question therefore is whether truth is abstract or concrete? Truth, if it has to be within the reach of all, has to be made plain for all to understand. In that sense truth came to us when Jesus was born a child. God came down to us not to judge, accuse, or condemn but to save.

But many people act like how the Roman governor Pilate did when he asked the question “What is truth?”1 to Jesus standing trial before him. But he did not wait for an answer.

And again truth was on public display when Jesus lay hanging on the cross and bleeding to death. The truth that all men and women deserve to be punished for their rejection of God was proclaimed by this act of God. BUT, the truth that God is showing mercy to all who would believe and receive him by placing their punishment on Jesus was a greater proclamation.

Thus in Jesus we find God showing us the truth—the truth about who God is: that he is merciful and compassionate and willing to forgive your sins however great they might be.

Therefore truth is not abstract. It is found in him who claimed: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”2 Look to him and you’ll find meaning in your search for the truth.


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