How to Do It Yourself (DIY) Speech Tips for Children

Step #1 Believe You Can

Yes you can. There is no reason why you can’t? Simply believe. Go deliver your speech with enthusiasm.

Step #2 Smile

Never forget this basic human relationship principle. Remember to smile at the beginning of your speech and maintain a pleasant attitude throughout your speech.

Step #3 Salutation

Address people on the dais with appropriate titles and respect. Do not use wild gestures and broad sweep of the arms. Gently tilt your face and look at each person addressed when you say their names.

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Step #4 Introduction

A catchy introduction makes people give you attention. A quote, a story, a question, or even an interesting object or picture shown can make the audience curious and compelled to listen to you.

Step #5 Mention the Topic

Tell the audience what is the topic of your speech and the broad elements you will be covering in the speech. For example if you are going to speak on the Importance of Reading, you can also tell them that you will be covering how reading can inspire, inform, and entertain. That will help the audience look forward to those sections of your speech.

Step #6 Create a Framework

It is the skeleton that gives shape to the human body. Likewise a framework can give your speech an intelligent structure which will help not only you remember the main points of your speech but also enable your audience to follow your speech.


Main point:

Importance of Reading


Reading inspires

Reading informs

Reading entertains.

Step #7 Embellish

Add details to each point you want to say. For example if you are speaking on Covid-19 you can mention its global spread, statistics of people affected, mortality rate, post Covid medical care needed, vaccines, stories of survivors, the role of medical personnel, politicians, administrative officers, police, and volunteers who made sacrificial contributions in fighting Covid-19

Step #8 Summing Up

You can summarize your main thoughts at the end of your speech. It will help people recall the main points you covered in your speech.

Step #9 Conclude

A simple, clear, strong message at the end will remain in the minds of audiences for long. Keep it short. Now, go speak!

Step #10 Enjoy the Applause

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Short Speeches of Introduction, Welcome, Felicitation, Vote of Thanks!

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