1 Minute Speech for School Children on How to Stop Telling Excuses

If you are aiming to succeed in life get rid of the habit of telling excuses.

As a school student, the first step you can take is to stop giving excuses to your teachers on not completing your homework and not submitting your assignments on time.

The second step to stop telling excuses is to take responsibility for your actions. It is easy to put the blame on your teammates for the mistakes made. That is cowardice.

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The third step to stop telling excuses is to find out what causes you to fail. Is it your laziness? Is it procrastination? Or is it poor listening that makes you miss out on vital information. For example, you did not listen carefully and therefore did not hear the teacher say, “Submit your notebooks on Monday.”

Finally seek the help of your friend to remind you whenever you tell an excuse. This will help you realise telling an excuse each time you do it. Becoming aware of it like that will alert you next time you attempt to tell an excuse.

Let me end by reminding you that the best place to start to stop telling excuses is your home itself. The basic excuse you give there is “I forgot”; isn’t it? Remember that forgetting happens because in your mind you have given priority to someone else or something else.

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