Motivational Speech Welcoming Freshers to College

Red Lighted Candles Christmas GiftIt is with hopes and aspirations, dreams and ambitions that you are on this Campus this morning. You are raring to go.

Everything is new for you–new classrooms, new teachers, new friends and even new technology. But this Institution towers tall and has stood here like a spreading tree of knowledge for decades. So you have come to a place which has a rich tradition.

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But we have not fossilized. We have embraced change every step of the way. As you look around you can see how modern the facilities here are. So welcome dear students to a time of zestful living and wonderful learning.

Let me now spell out for you two things you can hold dear as you are here:

One, keep sight of your goals. Life on campus is colourful. There are many activities you can be part of. And I do wish that each one of you will find your part in some of them. We do not want you to be just gathering information from here; but we want you to learn character, discipline, compassion, and above all understand the meaning of life.

But activities should not become distractions. You should never major on minor things. Always keep things in perspective. What is important should never be marginalized. Therefore keep your goals in front of you always. Each day measure the steps you have taken towards your goals. Then you will find success.

Two, love and patience should go hand in hand. Youth is a time when love blooms in spring, blushes, and often fades in the intense heat of summer or becomes frozen in winter’s biting cold. No one has yet found out why and how love begins. Some call it chemistry; others blame it on hormones; and still many to blind chance.

Whatever it be; years of teaching and personal touch with students have taught me one thing–many stories of love, jealousy, misunderstanding, fights, tears, and occasionally happy endings have been scripted here.

But there is one golden thread life-lesson I can share with you. Anything in the name of love that makes you hasty; compels you to yield to a mad rush of emotion; which makes you offer in the fires of pleasure what that is to be guarded with utmost sanctity and care; is not love.

Therefore be patient. Let time test your love. What has to remain will remain. And then when patience has run its course; you will find joy with great peace and lasting friendship accompanying.

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Let me conclude. As the Principal of this college, I heartily welcome each one of you wishing you that you find the best time of your life during the course of study here. Never lose sight of your goals and let love be girded and guarded with patience. Life ahead can be exciting. Wish you all God’s best in your studies.

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