Sample Speech of Response at College Farewell Meeting

Thank you dear teacher for your farewell wishes to our batch.

It was not only a bouquet of love but also words that set our hearts ablaze with hope to face life ahead with courage in such uncertain times.

Looking back, there are two magnificent things I like to highlight: One, our batch always was like family. Two, the blessing of having such wonderful teachers who not only taught us well but cared for us individually.

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These two things made the four years of our life on campus memorable and a period in life that we all will cherish for an entire lifetime.

I stand here with a heart full of emotions. I have stood here to speak many times before; but never had thought that this moment would come so soon.

Life forward is going to be exciting, adventurous, and dreams come true. But saying goodbye is tough. It is not the buildings, not the events, and certainly not the journeyings that we will miss.

Yes, there is something more dear teachers and students-It’s the bond of love and friendship that we have built that will remain and pass the test of time.

But now, in a few hours time, we walk away from this Campus with a heart full of memories spiced with gratitude to God for the blessing of the opportunity of having been part of this Campus and Alma Mater.

I believe, that as our Principal had exhorted us the first day in our college, we have left this place a better place than when we came in.

I wish to place on record our heartfelt thanks to our Respected Principal, and beloved teachers for their guidance and blessings and for shining a light on our paths.

Thank you dear friends for your unique contribution in all activities that we enjoyed doing together.

Thank you all once again.

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Short Speeches of Introduction, Welcome, Felicitation, Vote of Thanks!

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