In Relentless Pursuit of Success

As many colours are there so also are there many lenses with which to view success. Each will show a different image; coloured by the way each person likes to see success:

It all starts with a desire to do something worthwhile. Most of us fail right here. Our focus is inward. Trying to receive; but reluctant to give. But blessed is the man who learns to give of his time, talent, treasure and knowledge to others.

It is one’s ability to stick to a purpose. You can call it constancy to purpose. The oft-quoted example is that of the postal stamp which sticks to the envelope and makes it to the destination.

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It is one’s ability not to wait for seeds to sprout. You might have heard the historic legend of Johnny Appleseed, born John Chapman (September 26, 1774 – February 18, 1845), who went around planting apple seeds across many states in U.S.A. and kept on travelling doing good.

He did not wait for the seeds to sprout. But knew that someday the good that he had planted would multiply when the seeds would sprout and grow and bear fruit. The point I am trying to make is, “He who conducts an orchestra must turn his back to the crowd.”

Is all about the quest for excellence. Sometime ago I read somewhere that “Michael Angelo painted with a brush in one hand and a candle in the other to prevent his shadow from covering his masterpiece in progress.” Such quest for excellence should inspire us to do better.

It’s all about keeping on moving while waiting. There is a saying by Thomas Alva Edison, “Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits.” What does it mean? To hustle here means to move energetically and rapidly. But how to do it while waiting? that’s the question!

Well, lay the foundation of your dreams. Do something. Take even a small, insignificant step towards achieving your long-time goal. Don’t wait in despair when a door closes. Silently keep working.

You Can Find Success God’s Way

I Have Placed Before You an Open Door That No One Can Shut

For it is written “Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings; he will not serve before obscure men.” — Proverbs 22:29 Bible.

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