JOY Is a Gift; Happiness an Attitude!

Joy is more than happiness. While a lot of good things make us happy; joy is not attached to things or achievements.

This is because joy is a God-given gift. It is an outflow of what God is. He is full of joy.

Well, that itself should surprise you with joy. More so, because he desires that you have joy in life; and not just happiness.

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Joy can bring health to your internally. It can bring healing to you as much as medicines can.

Joy looks forward to long-term goals with hope instead of looking at present day difficulties and giving up in despair.

Joy is not limited. The best example is the angelic announcement to shepherds at the first Christmas. He said, “I bring you good news of great joy which will be for all the people.”1

Joy is easily lost if we allow the worries of life, wrong habits, and relationship problems to choke it in our hearts.

But joy can bubble forth and flow over when you are at peace with God, having your sins forgiven, and enjoying friendship with him.

Finally, joy is found in prayer. It is God’s promise. So just walk up to God, talk with him, unburden yourself, and carry back his joy with you.

It shows in your face when you have joy within.

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“For the joy of the LORD is your strength”

— Nehemiah 8:10b

1Luke 2:10

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