7 Tips for a Happy Life!

#1. Be Thankful
Do you always complain? Or do you find something in your worst circumstances to be thankful for? If you can be thankful to God for all the blessings, big and small, that you enjoy in life, it can be your first step to lead a happy life.

#2. Be Creative
We love to do things in a routine way. That creates comfort zones. If you want to be truly happy, why not try to do something differently? Instead of sending an email to your friend on his birthday, why not take the time to write a hand written letter and greet him? It is thoughtful as well as personalized.

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#3. Be Firm on Decisions
Take your time to think and arrive at a decision. Consider all the pros and cons. Know that every decision, good or bad, has consequences. If you want to be happy you cannot please everybody. Therefore take a decision and stick with it. You might not be popular but you can be happy.

#4. Be Gracious to Others When They Fail
All of us blunder at times. When others do so, our first instinct is to rejoice in their fall. But a happy heart belongs to one who allows the other person to save face. An encouraging remark from your side when someone makes a blunder can not only save his face but also create in him a deep sense of loyalty. It can benefit many.

#5. Be True to Your Loved One
In this age of Chats, several relationships are being broken by unfaithfulness. If you spend hours on chats, even if it is silly nostalgic nonsense with school/college friends; it is in effect cheating your loved ones of quality time. If you want to be truly happy, give your loved ones top priority. And guard your walls. Do not allow break-ins.

#6. Be Focused on Your Goal
It is amazing how people allow themselves to be distracted. You cannot be happy chasing too many things at one time. It is important to focus on one worthy goal and pursue it with all your energy, passion and perseverance. Without a single-minded aim, you are wasting your energy by lighting matchsticks here and there without setting anything ablaze.

#7. Be a Fruit-bearing Branch
No one is pleased to have a fruit-bearing tree planted at home which has a dense foliage but never bears fruit. It is deceptive. In other words, if you want to be happy deliver what you promise. And if you can do more than you promised, it is simply great.

To conclude, to be happy you need to do some homework. If you do it with a positive attitude, it can yield great results. Wish you a happy living!

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