Joy Getting the Better of Fear is What Public Speaking Can Be to You

Joy getting the better of fear is what public speaking can be to you. A right perspective about you the messenger, about the message, and about the audience will help you to get rid of stage fright and speak with joy.

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One, joy is about the messenger. That is you. You might have thoughts of unworthiness and insignificance. Others might remind you of your smallness and that you are good for nothing. Let them do so. But when God values you as an individual and loves you; you can rise above the negative evaluation others make about you and deliver your speech with conviction, clarity, confidence, and impact.

Two, joy is about the message. You cannot speak well without a solid message. There is no style without substance and style can never compensate for lack of substance. So go for an all out preparation and get ready material for your speech. Let it be interesting, informative, and inspiring. In certain situations it has to be persuasive or entertaining. Unless you are convinced about what you speak, you cannot expect the audience to be moved by what you say.

Three, joy is about the audience. Many fear to look at the audience, be it big or small. Others worry about, “What will the audience think about me? You have to believe that the audience is for you and eager to listen to you. There will always be a few in any audience who are bored. Do not focus on that minority. And do not fear criticism. If you do anything worthwhile it will come. Remember, without the audience, there is no public speaking.

The messenger, the message, and the audience make public speaking happen. It can easily be, in the words of John Keats, a thing of beauty and joy for ever.

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