Hope in God Will Be Your Strength

There are times when the flowers are in bloom, the sky is clear and blue, and everyone seems to sport a smile, but you are down; unable to see any good in things around you! It simply means you are depressed. And there seems to be no way out. But wait. There is still one thing you have; that is, hope in God. It will be your strength in these difficult days and times.

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There might be no easy answers. And you might not feel radiating with joy. Your one thought will be how to make it through the next few moments. You might be fighting thoughts of giving up on life; you might be struggling with feelings of failure; above all you might be doubting God’s love for you. This is depression at its worst but hope in God will be your strength.

Even when there seems to be no way forward; even when no one seems to care or understand; even when there is no end to criticism against you; even when everything you’ve tried to do have seemed to have failed; there is God above it all, watching over you my friend. You are the apple of his eye. No trouble will separate you from his love and he will not give up on you. So hope in God and he will be your strength.

“Find rest, O my soul, in God alone;
my hope comes from him.”1

1Psalm 62:5 Bible NIV 1984.

Yes, hope in God will be your strength.


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