You Can Find Success God’s Way

If you ask people what brings success, you will hear a lot of answers like hard work, perseverance, luck, ambition, and a host of other factors. But King Solomon had something higher to add: “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”1 This is how you can find success God’s way.

First of all, he asked us to commit to the LORD. It calls for trust. It implies that you give something over to someone for keeping it safe, watching over it, and seeing that it is well taken care of. When you entrust something like that to the LORD you stop worrying about it because it is in safe hands; don’t you? That is step number one to find success God’s way.

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Secondly, whatever you do should be committed. If God is just asked to put a signature at the end of your plans you are sadly mistaken. For when you commit something to God, it also means that you ask God first for his wisdom and his will in that regard. And when your plans move accordingly, he will be able to bless. That is step number two to find success God’s way.

Thirdly, God counts success very differently. You can be a failure in the eyes of the world but be a success in God’s eyes. When the world counts money, power, fame, influence, possessions and even a YouTube video going viral as success; God measures success against your faithful stewardship of resources entrusted to you. Seeing success as God sees it is step number three to find success God’s way.

To conclude, God loves to see you succeed. In God’s terminology that reads, God loves to see you bear fruit. Well, a branch of a grapevine doesn’t wriggle and struggle and move here and there to produce fruit; does it? It simply remains in the vine; isn’t it?

And remaining in the vine can be understood as a personal and growing relationship with God. And like a true vinedresser God might prune you2—that is, he might discipline you-–so that you may bear more fruit.

God takes his own time with the process. He is patient. He reduces you to less so that you’ll bear more. He cuts you down so that your trust will be in him alone. All that he does with you is not without purpose; but with the aim of making you succeed. Therefore, rise up from your bed of despair! You can have hope that you’ll certainly find success God’s way!

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1Proverbs 16:3 Bible NIV 1984
1John 15:2

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