2 Minute Speech for Children on Ambition Is the Key to Success

Red Lighted Candles Christmas GiftAmbition is the burning desire that enables you to achieve your goals in life. Without ambition no one has ever succeeded. Therefore it is important to have a healthy ambition in life.

Ambition keeps you motivated. So many people are like a football. They need to be kicked to move forward. But people with ambition are fuelled from within and fires forward like a rocket.

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Again, ambition helps you to have a fighting attitude. See, life is no easy game; neither is it a fairy tale ending minus all the hardships that go before it. Defeats, failures, mistakes, setbacks, criticism, and opposition are plenty in the lives of all achievers. But it is ambition to achieve that helps them move on in spite of all this.

A distinction to be made however is between ambition and wishful thinking. So many people live in fool’s paradise thinking that they have great ambition. But when you question them, you will soon know that they are simply living on borrowed motivation. They are not realistic nor are they prepared to count the cost of high achievement.

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Yet again, ambition can be spurred on by knowledge. Those who are driven by ambition are those who get maximum available information about where they are heading to? Do you think Christopher Columbus set out on his ambitious voyages without available maps, compass, and seasoned sailors? Unthinkable, isn’t it?

Finally, the ambitious ones always aim high. They are like eagles that soar high. Lesser things of life do not distract them. They do not waste time in frivolities nor do they take pleasure in finding fault with others. Instead, they discipline themselves to harness their full potential and resources to achieve greatness in life.

What  Gladys Aylward, the British Missionary to China said, is relevant in this context. She said: “The eagle that soars in the upper air does not worry itself how it is to cross rivers.”

Therefore you will find that those with ambition are in passionate love with excellence. And when it is rooted in strong character, they are unstoppable. That is why the world stands in admiration when the ambitious record wins, stand on top of summits, and touch the skies in their upward flight.

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