Come On, Play It Big!

Come on, play it big!

If you’re talented, don’t hide behind the baggage. Stand tall.

Didn’t you know that you’re chosen? Then why is that you’re trembling with fear?

You might not be from a big family. You might not have great wealth. But that is not what matters!

Come on, play it big!

Blood Jesus Cleanse

It is not the size of the armies against you that matters either! Not even the mountainous obstacles and the gloomy shadows that they cast on your path.

Of course you’ll have to shoulder the burden, face the murmurings against you, and fight discouragement day in and day out.

But nothing can change God’s call on your life. So take courage. Move forward. For there is nothing like God is with you!

Come on, play it big!

When God has called you to be the city on a hill, don’t sit on a molehill and pity your insignificance.

Do not dare to tell God your petty excuses. For he knew you before you were born and has called you by name.

He didn’t ask for your resume not did he conduct an interview. He just called you. When he calls he also enables. When he enables he stays with you until the end.

Hear his call today; and don’t dare to say “No.” Nothing else matters only if you obey his call even now as he is giving you a second chance!

Come on, play it big!

What Better Hope in Life Do You Have Than This?

“For God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable.”

— Romans 11:29 Bible NIV (1984)

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